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How to find your pictures.

Unless the gallery you are searching is tagged with your number, the best way to find your photograph is through the file name. If you know what time you were at where the photograph was taken, you can easily find your picture by looking at the last six numbers of the file name. So, if your photograph was taken at 13:09 and 54 seconds, then just look for the picture ending in 13-09-54. These are in time order.

So, the picture number would be:

Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon-1000-SPC_4740-13-09-54.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any help. Alternatively, you can use Facebook or Twitter.

  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1000-spc_0581_10-47-30_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1000-spc_1492_09-44-03_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1000-spc_9878_09-36-08_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1001-spc_0619_10-56-08_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1002-spc_1290_11-39-51_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1003-_spc3863_10-04-01_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1004-071_11-39-47_.jpg
etape eryri 3408spc 3042
etape eryri 3409dsc 5294
etape eryri 3410spc 3043
etape eryri 3411spc 3044
etape eryri 3412dsc 5295
etape eryri 3413dsc 5296
etape eryri 3414dsc 5297
etape eryri 3415dsc 5298
etape eryri 3416spc 3045
etape eryri 3417spc 3046
etape eryri 3418spc 3047
etape eryri 3419dsc 5299
etape eryri 3420spc 3048
etape eryri 3421spc 3049
etape eryri 3422dsc 5300
etape eryri 3423spc 3050
etape eryri 3424dsc 5301
etape eryri 3425dsc 5302
etape eryri 3426spc 3051
etape eryri 3427dsc 5303
etape eryri 3428dsc 5304
etape eryri 3429spc 3052
etape eryri 3430spc 3053
etape eryri 3431dsc 5305