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How to find your pictures.

Unless the gallery you are searching is tagged with your number, the best way to find your photograph is through the file name. If you know what time you were at where the photograph was taken, you can easily find your picture by looking at the last six numbers of the file name. So, if your photograph was taken at 13:09 and 54 seconds, then just look for the picture ending in 13-09-54. These are in time order.

So, the picture number would be:

Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon-1000-SPC_4740-13-09-54.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any help. Alternatively, you can use Facebook or Twitter.

  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1000-spc_0581_10-47-30_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1000-spc_1492_09-44-03_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1000-spc_9878_09-36-08_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1001-spc_0619_10-56-08_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1002-spc_1290_11-39-51_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1003-_spc3863_10-04-01_.jpg
  • snowdonia_slateman_triathlon_-_1004-071_11-39-47_.jpg
etape eryri 3168spc 2941
etape eryri 3169spc 2942
etape eryri 3170spc 2943
etape eryri 3171dsc 5155
etape eryri 3172dsc 5156
etape eryri 3173dsc 5157
etape eryri 3174spc 2944
etape eryri 3175spc 2945
etape eryri 3176dsc 5158
etape eryri 3177spc 2946
etape eryri 3178dsc 5159
etape eryri 3179dsc 5160
etape eryri 3180dsc 5161
etape eryri 3181dsc 5162
etape eryri 3182spc 2947
etape eryri 3183dsc 5163
etape eryri 3184spc 2948
etape eryri 3185spc 2949
etape eryri 3186dsc 5164
etape eryri 3187dsc 5165
etape eryri 3188dsc 5166
etape eryri 3189dsc 5167
etape eryri 3190spc 2950
etape eryri 3191dsc 5168